Winter Sunset is Coming: Golden Frog Fights for NSA Reform


Winter Sunset is Coming: Golden Frog Fights for NSA Reform

May 28, 2015

We’re this close to reaching a meaningful milestone in the path toward NSA reform. At Midnight on June, 1, three parts of the Patriot Act — including the controversial Section 215, which the NSA has used to collect millions of Americans’ phone records — will sunset (or expire in non-Washington D.C. jargon).

Of course, there will be several last ditch efforts this Sunday during a special congressional session to re-up on the Patriot Act at the 11th hour. Golden Frog has joined the fight to ensure that doesn’t happen. We are signatories on two letters there were delivered to Congress today:

  • The first letter, organized by Demand Progress, thanks several senators for filibustering an extension vote of Patriot Act provisions last week. The letter also calls on the senators to ensure that no legislation be approved by the Senate, no matter what form it may take, if it would extend the Patriot Act.
  • The second letter second letter, organized by the Center for Democracy and Technology, is an opposition to two compromise bills that are aimed at reauthorization. Both bills contain flaws and omissions that are incompatible with the goal of stopping domestic bulk collection.

If you’d like to join the fight to urge Congress to curb mass surveillance, please visit this site: https://www.sunsetthepatriotact.com/

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