SXSW 2015: “Take Back Your Internet” Panel and Party Recap 2015

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SXSW 2015: “Take Back Your Internet” Panel and Party Recap 2015

March 30, 2015

On March 16th, during SXSW Interactive 2015, we gathered some of the leading voices who supported the fight for Open Internet rules for a spirited discussion, celebration of FCC Title II regulation and a look forward to the next steps in the ongoing battle for the future of the Internet.

Our third annual “Take Back Your Internet” panel and party was co-sponsored by SpiderOak, Giganews and Data Foundry. It was a hit and we had so much fun! We also received support from EFF, the Center for Technology and Democracy, Engine and the i2Coalition.

It was fantastic getting to chat with many old Golden Frog friends and meeting new ones as well. During the networking party, guests enjoyed a fun photo booth and rounds of the Golden Frog themed corn toss. Check out some photos from the party!

The panel:

  • Marvin Ammori – Internet lawyer, activist, and scholar, Ammori Group
  • Edward Henigin – CTO of Data Foundry
  • Chip Pickering – CEO of Comptel
  • Gigi Sohn – The special counsel for public affairs at the FCC
  • James Waterworth – VP of CCIA Europe

Moderator: Rob Pegoraro – Veteran technology journalist

The discussion addressed the battle for an open, yet competitive Internet that respects user privacy. Our panel agreed that regulation is needed to keep the monopolistic ISPs in line, and discussed how Congress and the FCC should proceed to keep fighting for an Open Internet.

You can also read the full transcript of the panel here.

A few notable highlights:

Gigi Sohn thanked the 4 million people who filed comments with the FCC and noted the new rules are proof that “Democracy works.” Marvin Ammori said, “there’s a huge disconnect between DC and rest of the country.” Which is why it’s such a good thing that Golden Frog brought this panel to SXSW. Finally, Ed Henigin criticized the ISPs calling them the unholy triad and said, “paid prioritization is a shakedown.”


If you would like to read the complete list of tweets for the event, please follow #takebackyourinternet.

Each year, the “Take Back Your Internet” event gets bigger and better. We look forward to seeing everyone there again next year.

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