Synology NAS PPTP and OpenVPN Setup Instructions for VyprVPN


Synology NAS PPTP and OpenVPN Setup Instructions for VyprVPN

June 11, 2013

In response to your feedback on Golden Frog Ideas we added Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) setup instructions for VyprVPN! We are committed to providing an excellent user experience for all customers, on all devices, so please continue to share your feedback and help make VyprVPN even better.

If you already own a Synology NAS device you can connect to VyprVPN using either PPTP or OpenVPN:

Connecting to VyprVPN allows you to benefit from the speed and security of a VPN while using your Synology NAS device.

What is Synology NAS?

Synology NAS is a storage device engineered primarily for small businesses, however, users with large amounts of data to store use it as well. It is a popular solution because it offers elite performance and is easily scalable. Synology NAS’ primary function is to provide a centralized destination for storage, sharing, and onsite data backup that requires minimal ongoing maintenance. Synology NAS allows PC users to back up to their device with Synology’s Data Replicator while Mac users can utilize the native Apple Time Machine.

Why Use VyprVPN with Synology NAS?

We want all of our users to be able to take advantage of great storage solutions like Synology NAS without sacrificing security or privacy. When accessing sensitive information online it is important to secure your connection. VyprVPN uses 256-bit encryption and secure servers to prevent malicious 3rd parties from accessing your data and secure your connection from end to end.

We will continue to provide setup instructions and 24x7x365 support to ensure your security on all devices. Make sure to leave your feedback and suggestions at Golden Frog Ideas so we can help you use VyprVPN with your favorite device!

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