The Downside of Free Wi-Fi

The Downside of Free Wi-Fi

January 24, 2011

Chances are you use a free Wi-Fi connection from time to time.  Whether on business travel, sitting in the doctor’s office, or just hanging out at a coffee shop, it is a major convenience to have free access to the Internet when you are away from your office or home computer.  While convenient, what many do not realize is that Wi-Fi connections are not secure and could put your personal data and information at serious risk.
In a recent Internet security article, the dangers and risks of surfing the Web unprotected are outlined.

So, what can you to do to secure and protect your online experience?

For starters, consider Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service for fast, easy online privacy.  Golden Frog is a company committed to restoring individuals’ rights to online privacy, allowing them to browse the Internet freely, securely – from anywhere in the world.

A VPN or virtual private network, encapsulates data transfers between two devices which are not on the same network – keeping the data transferred private. VyprVPN takes it a step further and ensures that the information a user transfers online is encrypted at the ‘last mile’ of the connection making communication even more private and secure.  So with VyprVPN, when you are at a local cafe and connect to its Wi-Fi network, your data transactions are encrypted from your computer through the Wi-Fi connection – all the way to the VyprVPN servers. VyprVPN users receive all of that protection and added security without sacrificing speed and high performance.

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