Turkey Enforces Internet Censorship Law, Blocks reddit

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Turkey Enforces Internet Censorship Law, Blocks reddit

November 15, 2015

Over the weekend, reddit was blocked in Turkey. The Turkish government blocked the site with little explanation, listing on an official site: “After technical analysis and legal consideration … administration measure has been taken for this website.”

This censorship occurred under Turkey’s Internet censorship law (also known as Law No. 5651). This law allows the Turkish Supreme Council for Telecommunications and IT to ban websites and block content as they see fit, from reasons ranging form inappropriate content like pornography to illegal file sharing. No court authorization is required to impose a block – just a “suspicion.”

reddit access has been restored, but this is not the first time Turkey has imposed Internet censorship. Turkey has a history of blocking other websites, including Twitter, which it blocked more than once this year.

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Sources: Information in this article comes from The Verge and Tech Times.

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