Upcoming Movies and Shows for 2021


Upcoming Movies and Shows for 2021

October 7, 2021

The temperature is dropping, which means more time indoors – and more time to watch all your favorite shows! No matter what you like to watch or what platform is your favorite, a VPN can greatly improve your streaming experience. VPNs are useful for accessing restricted content from any location around the world, as well as improving speeds and defeating throttling performed by internet service providers. They are, of course, also a good tool for protecting your online privacy.


Netflix is among the most popular streaming services out there, and there are many great new movies to stream on the radar for this winter. With a Netflix membership, you gain access to unlimited shows and movies. Some of the new movies streaming include The Witcher (December 17), Cobra Kai (December 31), Cowboy Bebop (November 19), Lock and Key Season 2 (October 22), Narcos Season 3 (November 10) and many more!


Hulu is a popular streaming platform that launched in 2008, just a year after Netflix made its debut. Hulu is based in America, and offers a robust library of shows, movies and some live TV options more recently. Hulu isn’t available outside the United States without a VPN, as you need an American IP address to access your content. Hulu has lots of movies streaming, plus some of the most popular shows for this winter including Animaniacs Season 2 (November 5) and The Great Season 2 (November 19).

Amazon Prime

While most people know Prime for free shipping, Amazon Prime accounts also come with another great benefit – Amazon Prime Video. Prime Videos offers exclusive access to a variety of shows across devices, including Amazon Originals titles. Amazon Originals are created by Amazon and range from series to drams to films. There are options for premium titles and subscriptions, as well as streaming live events. Prime Video includes some of the most popular shows and best new movies to stream. Some of this year’s biggest premieres include I Know What You Did Last Summer (October 15) and The Wheel of Time (November 19).


HBO Max is a paid streaming service offering 2 subscription plans to choose from. It provides access to all of HBO’s premium content, including new movies for 2021 streaming at the time they are released by the Warner Brothers studio. HBO Max titles upcoming this year include Matrix 4 Resurrections (December 22), King Richard (November 19) and Dune (October 22).


VPNs are an essential tool for streaming, and can be used to improve your experience in the following ways: 

  • Access the content you want from any location. A VPN allows you to change your IP address to appear local to whatever geographic region you choose. This means you can access foreign Netflix catalogs, or access your home catalog while you are traveling outside of your country. 
  • Defeat Throttling. Throttling is a controversial practice performed by internet Service Providers. It refers to the provider observing your internet activity and choosing to slow down (throttle) your connection if they are doing something they don’t like – for example using too much bandwidth by streaming. A VPN shields your activity form your ISP – they cannot see what sites you are visiting or what you are doing online with a VPN connected – so they are unable to slow you down. 
  • Protect Your Privacy. Watch what you want and protect your privacy from snoops or other prying eyes who are trying to see what you are doing online. With a VPN, you can keep your activity private each time you stream – and connect in general. 

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