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January 7, 2022

VPNs are becoming increasingly common and well-known around the world. What used to be a tool for the tech savvy or elite is now becoming a household item, in use by a wide range of people with different goals. Part of the reason for this is technological evolution; the other part is due to the versatility of VPNs. There are many uses of a VPN, from concealing your web traffic to bypassing censorship, maintaining privacy and gaining unrestricted access to online content. With such a wide variety of VPN uses, some of the best uses for a VPN are so common you may not even consider them consciously; they are just a part of your life! If you are wondering who uses VPN, the answer is simple - anyone and everyone. In this post, we look at ways a VPN can be integrated into your everyday lifestyle to enhance your day-to-day experience. 

What’s your VPN lifestyle? 

VPN Uses at Home

VPNs are an essential tool to have in your home, as they provide myriad benefits each time you connect. Whether you are streaming, shopping or protecting your data, the answer to the question “Do I need a VPN at home” is always a resounding yes! Once you decide to use a VPN at home, getting started is easy and can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Here’s how to set up a VPN.

Why Use a VPN at Home?

When it comes to using a VPN at your home, the list of uses is nearly endless. Here are some of the best ways you can integrate a VPN into your lifestyle while you’re home. 

  • Streaming your favorite shows on Netflix (or Hulu, Amazon, Disney+ and more) 
  • Checking your email and messaging friends on your computer 
  • Watching YouTube videos and other online content 
  • Browsing the web 
  • Gaming online 
  • Online shopping, for anything from clothing to groceries 


Streaming is one big reason why should you need a VPN at home. A VPN offers access to streaming libraries from any location around the world, connecting you to all your favorite content and shows whether they are in your home geo or not. A VPN also allows you to stream fast and without restriction, and to avoid annoying practices designed to impact your experience such as throttling performed by your ISP. Throttling refers to the process of inspecting user traffic and choosing to slow it down if you are using too much bandwidth. 

Geo-Restricted Content

A VPN also allows you to bypass geo blocks or restrictions that are put in place, which may apply to websites, social media sites, specific pieces of content and also streaming sites or videos, such as YouTube. While some content is restricted due to geo-blocking on streaming content, other content is restricted instead on the basis of the content of the videos, if deemed inappropriate or unacceptable by a government or ruling party. If you live in a place where the internet is not totally free, a VPN is an essential for your lifestyle at home

Privacy at Home

There is a lot of talk about privacy while on the go and using unsecured wi-fi, but it’s important to protect your privacy at home, too! While there may not be the same risk of hackers or interruption of your connection as say, at Starbucks, there are still many risks to consider when you are browsing at home. This includes the risk of cybercrimeconducted via the internet. It's also true that online sites, service providers like Google and even your internet service provider are collecting your data while you browse at home. If a VPN isn’t part of your online lifestyle, your data is still at risk and the answer to “do I need a VPN at home” is definitely yes.

Online Shopping Deals

A VPN at home can also save you money when you shop. Some sites change prices according to geographic region, and if this is the case a VPN can ensure you get the lowest price and best deal each time you're shopping, no matter what’s in your online cart. Adding a VPN to your lifestyle ensures smart purchases and more.

Secured Transactions 

A VPN works by securing your connection, meaning it’s both essential and ideal for maximizing privacy when making purchases including crypto purchases and using a VPN for crypto. A VPN is a smart idea when making any sort of financial transaction or sharing sensitive information online. Using a VPN ensures your data and account details stay safe from any cybercriminals, hackers or other prying eyes who may be around. 

Using a VPN On the Go

A VPN isn’t just for your at-home life – it's essential for your out-of-the-house and on the go lifestyle, too. Whether you want to secure your public wi-fi network on vacation or while traveling, a VPN is a useful tool to take with you. Here are some of the best ways you can incorporate a VPN into your lifestyle while you’re out and about: 

  • Securing your connection on public wi-fi networks 
  • Bypassing censorship and restrictions while traveling 
  • Staying private no matter what network you connect to 
  • Preventing local business from collecting your data

Public Wi-fi 

One of the main VPN uses is to protect yourself while on public wi-fi, and one of the best uses for a VPN is to stay secure no matter where you are or what network you are on. This applies to coffee shops around the corner as well as markets around the world; you need a VPN to stay safe and secured at all times. 

Bypassing Censorship in Foreign Countries 

As you likely know by now, many countries censor or restrict their internet and what sites you can access. This means a VPN becomes an essential tool for bypassing these restrictions, and one of the best uses for VPN is accessing an internet that is free, open and without borders. 

Changing your Location 

If you are traveling, you may want to access your services and sites, including streaming sites, in your home country. All too often, though, geo-blocks are placed on sites to restrict access based upon your location. Having a VPN as part of your lifestyle allows you to retain access to a free and open internet at all times, and from any location in the world! Changing your IP address is in fact one of the top uses of a VPN, and one of the top uses of a VPN in mobile devices and at home. 

What VPN Service is Right for You?

So, how do you go about including a VPN in your life? According to Cybernews,VyprVPN is one of the best for streaming and more. While most VPNs offer similar service options, there are some big differences when it comes to quality. No matter what your uses of a VPN are, it’s essential to pick a provider you can trust. Free providers are notoriously bad for protecting user privacy, so be sure to go with a legitimate paid service. Additionally, look at features such as server locations and the number of  VPN apps for your devices.


As you can see, there are a wide variety of VPN uses out there. No matter what you need a VPN for, incorporating it into your everyday life will be a great way to go!

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