Automatic Connect on Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks Now Available!


Automatic Connect on Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks Now Available!

March 5, 2014

Public Wi-Fi hotspots at coffee shops, airport and hotels have become increasingly insecure. Cellular networks also share similar security concerns. Even worse, cellular carriers are also leveraging Wi-Fi to carry smartphone traffic in order to alleviate cellular network, compromising mobile communications. However, users are sometimes too busy or forget to turn on VyprVPN when accessing insecure Wi-Fi and cellular networks. We want to make it easier for our users to protect themselves, so that’s why we added the automatic connect on unknown Wi-Fi and cellular settings into the 2.3 versions of our Android, Windows and Mac apps. Unfortunately, due to iOS restrictions, we are not able to offer the automatic connect settings for the VyprVPN for iOS app at this time.

VyprVPN Automatic Connect options include:

  • Connect on Unknown Wi-Fi Networks – When a user connects to an unknown Wi-Fi network, VyprVPN will automatically connect and encrypt all Internet traffic. Users may also exclude specific, “known” networks they consider to be secure and don’t want VyprVPN to automatically connect.
  • Connect on Cellular – When a user is connected to a cellular network, VyprVPN will automatically connect.
  • Automatic Reconnect – Anytime VyprVPN is disconnected without the user manually choosing to do so, the app will attempt to reconnect.
  • Connect When App Starts – VyprVPN will automatically connect when a user opens the app
  • Connect When Device Starts – VyprVPN will automatically connect whenever the device is turned on

Please read the change logs for WindowsMac, and Android for additional VyprVPN 2.3 updates.

How to Update to VyprVPN 2.3?

Existing users of VyprVPN for Windows and Mac will receive an update notification in the app from which they can install the update. Existing users of VyprVPN for Androidcan update via Google Play.

If you don’t already have the VyprVPN apps for AndroidWindows, and Mac, you can download them for free but will require a VyprVPN account to use. If you don’t already have a VyprVPN account, sign up for a 3-day free trial today!

We’re always listening and improving. We want to thank our members for all of their valuable feedback as we continue to work on new features.

If you have any product ideas and feature suggestions, please share them at Golden Frog Ideas site or by emailing us at [email protected]. To keep up to date with VyprVPN, please subscribe to the Golden Frog blog and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


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