What the GOP FISA Memo Reveals About Privacy


What the GOP FISA Memo Reveals About Privacy

February 1, 2018

In reading the now declassified Nunes memo, we have come to one firm conclusion. YOU are being spied on by the U.S. government — and the Section 702 renewed by this Congress, and signed by this President, allows law enforcement to spy by working around your constitutional right to due process. Frankly, who cares who said what in the memo. The memo’s real value is in the admission by Congressional leaders that the previous administration – or any administration for that matter – can use little to no evidence to gain permission from the FISC to gather and use your information against you without cause.

Looks like the Intelligence Committee may want to update some points from their Truth versus Facts sheets – particularly the highlighted part that says, “The law expressly forbids the Government from using FISA Section 702 to target U.S. people.” Not to mention what is stated in the “Setting the Record Straight” segment.

What we need to do now is call every member of the U.S. Congress that voted in support of this legislation, and ask them to explain why they voted to circumvent constitutional protections from due process. Contact your representative now.

Learn more about the FISA 702 amendments and our efforts to fight against them:

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