What’s Your 2014 Tech Resolution? How About Securing Your Ever-Expanding Digital Life?

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What’s Your 2014 Tech Resolution? How About Securing Your Ever-Expanding Digital Life?

January 6, 2014

Six out of 10 people in the U.S. make New Year’s resolutions — mostly focused on getting fit or losing weight – but only eight percent of them actually succeed at keeping them. What’s your resolution for 2014? Work out more? Travel more? Spend less time on Facebook? We all know that technology now plays a role of growing importance in our lives, so why not make some tech resolutions this year? Considering the spate of cyber attacks and online security breaches in 2013, we hope many of you have made a tech resolution to protect your online privacy and security in 2014.

In our last blog post, we discussed how you can protect your privacy, on your terms. That means being aware of the importance of online privacy, and utilizing services like VyprVPN to protect your internet experience easily, at the click of a button and on every device. At Golden Frog, we understand that you don’t want to deal with a complicated VPN service. Our goal is to simplify the VPN setup and connection process so everyone can enjoy the benefits of secure and private Internet use, with minimal hassle.

We’ve already made VyprVPN the fastest, simplest and most stable VPN service on the market. Now we need you to resolve to do more this year to secure your digital life. Make 2014 the year that you start using a VPN consistently. According to a recent survey on a popular VPN site, less than 40% of respondents said they use their VPN every time they connect to the Internet. We at Golden Frog care about your privacy and advise you to keep your VPN turned on as often as needed.

Here are the top reasons to use a VPN service more often:

Protect your right to privacy – A VPN puts the Internet back in your hands by shielding your online activity from governments, corporations and ISPs and prevents them from monitoring your online communications and browsing activity.

Secure your data on public Wi-Fi – Many of us often use unsecured public wi-fi in airports, coffee shops and hotels. A VPN encrypts the Internet connection on public Wi-Fi to protect your personal and financial info from hackers and data sniffers.

A better Internet experience – This is often overlooked, but a good VPN provides a fast and stable browsing experience that keeps your ISP from inspecting, prioritizing and throttling the data sent to and from your device.

Bypass geographic web censorship – A VPN creates a secure tunnel to the Internet, allowing you to experience any website, worldwide, without blocks, censorship or government firewalls. This is an absolute must if you live in, or travel to countries with restricted internet freedoms like China or Turkey.

Happy New Year to all our readers, and please help make the Internet more open and safe by using a VPN to protect yourself in 2014.

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