Reasons to Use VyprVPN Personal VPN


Reasons to Use VyprVPN Personal VPN

July 22, 2010

VyprVPN is a personal VPN service that secures Internet browsing privacy everywhere, on any device. This remote and personal Virtual Private Network stops hackers, ISP throttling, and third-party data sniffing.  More than 25,000 members browse securely with VyprVPN, and the reasons are clear why using a VPN is the only safe way to browse the Internet:

  • Protect your online identity. VyprVPN establishes a private, secure Internet connection on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android or other device to secure your online communications, shopping, banking and browsing.
  • Fast, secure browsing. A personal VPN eliminates traffic shaping and rate limiting. Keep your ISP from looking at the contents of your communications and deciding to slow it down or block it altogether.
  • Take a secure connection everywhere. From the Airport terminal to a café or bookstore, a personal VPN allows you to connect through any public Wi-Fi Hotspots without risk of online fraud or identity theft.
  • Keep your location private. Private browsing capabilities keep websites from identifying your location. Sites will see a VyprVPN IP and location rather than your home or office IP and location.
  • Restore your Internet freedom.  VyprVPN lets you bypass restrictions and appear “native” with your choice of four locations:
    • USA VPN –Washington, D.C.
    • USA VPN – Los Angeles
    • EU VPN – Amsterdam
    • Asia VPN – Hong Kong

The VyprVPN difference is in our 100% redundant server and global network infrastructure. At Golden Frog, we tune the software and servers 24x7x365, optimizing speed and connectivity.  Don’t let your employer, ISP, government or anyone else control what you view or where you view it. Keep your Internet privacy and experience the web as it was intended to be experienced.  Get VyprVPN today.

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